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Based in Byron Bay, Australia, we are a family run back care business specialising in TEMPUR® mattresses, beds and pillows, Inada massage chairs, zero gravity recliners, ergonomic chairs, sit-stand workstations, and ergonomic accessories. We offer the biggest range of Tempur products of any store in Australia and deliver Australia-wide.

Our belief is that the perfect spine-friendly mattress is one that contours the body, filling the arch in your back. This is the one part of the body that is never supported in a normal mattress and causes a lot of back pain and soreness. Pocket spring beds and water beds came close but didn’t quite get there.

When we discovered Tempur, we soon realised that this was as close to perfection as any mattress was ever going to get, because the unique Tempur material* adapts to your unique shape, weight and temperature, giving you the exact support and comfort your body needs. On a more personal note, after years of living with acute back pain and restless legs syndrome, I finally began sleeping well and feeling agile enough to play uninhibitedly with my two young daughters.

Pure Comfort (then known as Pure Sleep) was established in 2002, originally selling only Tempur mattresses, pillows and accessories. Upon visiting the Tempur factory in Virginia, USA, we learnt that Tempur products are usually sold in ‘backcare’ stores in the States. We decided to change our name and expand the business to stock a large range of quality back care products. We have now become one of Australia’s leading stores specialising in these types of products.

We are a Tempur Authorised Stockist

*which is derived from the pressure-absorbing material developed by NASA
in the early 1970s to help cushion and support astronauts during lift-off!


Pure Comfort

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