“I’ve only slept on it three times, but my sleep has improved dramatically! I really love it. I wake up feeling strange that I didn’t wake up during the night. I even get excited about using it when I see it. It’s childish I know, but I just love it. Thanks so much.”
Gladesville, NSW

“My wife has a spinal injury and we have found this mattress to be a great benefit in getting a good nights rest.”
Junction Hill, NSW

“The first good nights sleep I have had at home in over eight years.”
Bondi Beach, NSW

“We have two mattresses put together with the electric system – great product.”
Traralgon, Vic

“The bed and pillow are wonderful. I feel well supported. It is helping my lumbar spine injury.”
Coburg, Vic

“I purchased the Millennium pillow based on feedback from patients using the pillow and personal trials at the clinic where we use the pillows for treatment.”
Albert Park, Vic

“A very comfortable mattress that enables you to have a great nights sleep, hence waking up fully refreshed and pain free.”
Adelaide, SA

“Excellent. Used one in intensive care in hospital.”
Torquay, QLD

“As a mother of four and on a single income, this was a huge investment for my husband and I. My back pain is much better and I absolutely love it.”
Upwey, Vic

“Neck and headaches are getting less. Enjoying much better rest. No more need of massage therapist (who recommended the pillow!”
Patterson Lakes, Vic

“TEMPUR® mattress are amazing. I wanted the best mattress money could buy due to a recent back injury. I am now an avid fan and will always speak very highly of the product because a lot of research and development has gone into it backed up by solid scientific testing.”
Beacon Hill, NSW

“Sleeping peacefully without sore hips and morning stiffness. Thank you.”
Mount Tamborine, QLD

“After just two nights sleeping on this pillow, the relief from chronic pain in my neck has been unbelievable, thank you.”
Bowral, NSW

“I have been suffering headaches and sleepless nights – have used my pillow for two nights and have had two good nights sleep and no headaches. I purchased another one for my son today. Great product, thank you.”
Keiraville, NSW

“”I love it. As a physiotherapist I am pleased to at last see something that cares for people’s musculoskeletal system as well as improve the quality of rest. I have noticed that my own muscles are more relaxed upon waking, or even spending a few minutes regularly between clients on it. Great invention.”
Brunswick Heads, NSW

“Wonderful product. Will upgrade to mattress ASAP… Price is comparable with the best on offer today but offers so much more to enhance sleep. Love it, can’t sleep without my pillow.”
Kedron, QLD

“I suffer from Fybromyalgia and my first night on the mattress I loved it!!! I usually toss and turn all night.”
Wodonga, Vic

“It has been my saving grace as I have a neck problem and it gives me a great night sleep. I also don’t wake up with a sore neck. Thanks.”
Eumundi, QLD

“We already have two mattresses with motorised bed. The pillows are the finishing touch. I have been ill for some months and Tempur has made all the difference at a very difficult time. Bought mattress covers as well. PS. The dogs love it and stay in one place without moving, when are you going to make dog beds out of it?”
Mt. Eliza, Vic

“I am absolutely flabbergasted. I so badly regret the unnecessary aches and pain I have had for the past few decades. I am 57 years old, active at sport and well above average fitness for my age. When I used to get up during the night to go to the bathroom or just get up in the morning there was always stiffness that took an hour or several hours to fade away. Now I get out of bed as loose as I went to bed. I visited my Chiropractor after I had ordered the mattress and asked if I had done the right thing. He said absolutely yes. I think I will now need less visits to the Chiropractor. I would recommend this to anyone. If you cannot afford one then start saving up, give something else up. I wake up amazingly refreshed after less sleep than I normally require. Not only is the sleep quality better by far but it then gives the day better quality. There is no comparison to how you feel the next day after a fantastic sleep compared to a lousy sleep. I am a pharmacist (retired) by profession and a healthy sceptic when it comes to wonder cures, but this is for real.”
East St Kilda, Vic